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for the leader

We want you to know that our hope for you is success.  Success for each leader may look different for any number of reasons, but whatever it loos like for you, we have provided some items here to help facilitate your group life.  This is a work in progress and you can expect that this page will grow and expand in the days ahead.  We hope that as you come across ideas and resources that would fit well on this page that you'll pass them on to us so that we can include them here as well.

As always, never hesitate to connect with Pastor Greg. He's always game to lend a hand where he can.

Housekeeping & Resources

If you you have any ideas as to what we could add to this page, please email Pastor Greg Stirling, or call him at the church at 403 556 3219


house keeping

Some items designed to help you think about the functioning and health of your group

Carpenter's Tools


Some items designed to help you in the practical week to week experience of your group.

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