Reilly Farewell

Join us for the evening to say farewell to Pastor Brent and Ruth as they retire after a fruitful career, 23 years of it right here at First Baptist. We won't be able to share a meal together, but there will be a fun program to enjoy, and the opportunity to express your gratitude through a love offering.

Sunday, June 13th, @ 7pm

With Covid-19 measures in place, we will plan to maximize attendance within the building, much like we do on a Sunday morning, with the event being live streamed as well.

As the date gets closer, keep an eye on EventBrite for ticket availability.

For details on how you can be more personally involved, keep reading below...

Interested in putting your personal stamp on the evening?

The Farewell committee is putting together a video for the Reillys, and we'd like you to take part. Please consider making a short 30 second video of your well wishes to the Reillys. It can include a quick memory, a thank you, an encouragement - whatever you like.

There are two options to be involved.

  1. Shoot your own video (in landscape please)

  2. come by the church and let us help you.

Once your clip is complete, submit your video to Pastor Andy and he'll take it from there.

Do keep in mind that this video could be quite long. Because of that, 2 videos will be created for the Reillys. One edited for time for the night of the event, and one complete video of all submissions, unedited, that will be given to the Reillys and posted for online viewing after the event.

For more information, please connect with any of the Farewell Committee members:

  • Andy & Jennie Moffat

  • Brenda Lytle

  • Ed Hildebrand